On the issues

“There is no time for a Secretary of State who needs on-the-job training. I have the experience and am uniquely prepared to fight for fair, secure, and accurate elections.”

Our current voting machines are antiquated and need an update. I will make sure we have a system that combines the speed and accuracy of technology with the assurances of a paper back up. This ensures fast results that are easily audited with a tangible back up.

We must continue efforts to prohibit private funding of elections from California leftists like Mark Zuckerberg. Election officials should never accept private funding to conduct elections.

We must refine and advance our efforts to clean up our voter rolls. For 3 years in a row now, the Secretary of State’s office has supported legislation to allow for a more robust way to verify our voter rolls, but our Democrat governor keeps vetoing it. I feel confident we will be able to get this done under new Republican leadership.

The Heritage Foundation has ranked Louisiana 6th overall for safe and fair elections. I’m proud to have been a part of that ranking as First Assistant Secretary of State. As Secretary, I won’t stop until we are #1. Every election cycle, it’s important to have a strong commitment to security and transparency. I’m the only candidate with the real experience to guide our state into the critical 2024 election.